Homeschool Resources & Blogs

  • Sonlight - literature-based curriculum with a Christian perspective--"the way you wished you had been taught". Yes, I wish I had been taught this way, mostly reading books, books and more books (not the boring textbooks). This is my dream curriculum. Use this code when you register on the site and get $5 off on your order of $50 or more: RP20280782
  •  Tim's Printables - a lot of free downloadable templates and worksheets, including patterns for six, 10 and 12-sided dice.
  • SchoolhouseTeachers - one of the most complete collections of lessons I've seen, covering everything from Art Techniques to PreK spelling to Economics to Beginning Latin. Yearly or monthly membership offers complete access to everything on the site, even cool videos and resources from other companies.
  • Bookshark