Paola’s Fusilli with Vegetables and Tuna Recipe

This is the second winner of the Rainy Days and Mom Days Quickie Recipe contest: a yummy and very fast pasta dish by Paola Loot. Allow me to let her tell you all about it. Oh,  I LOVE go-to recipes! I’m a first time mom (with no yaya!) so juggling cooking duties with being a […]

Mich’s Super Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

This recipe by makeup artist and domestic diva Mich Lim-Reyes won the Rainy Days and Mom Days Quickie Recipe contest. And as guest judge Georgia Rocha-Chu of Empire says, “I like Mich’s Shepherd Pie recipe…It’s a whole meal, the recipe is complete and simple, and it sounds yummeh!” And as Mich herself says: my husband thinks […]

Moms Share…Bedtime Books

Looking for a good book to read to your kids? Some moms share their personal favorites.

Moms Share…Nursing in Public Stories

Nothing can stop a determined mom (and perhaps even more determined kids!) from nursing, any time, anywhere, as these moms prove. I have breastfed my eldest daughter for 3 years and I’m still breastfeeding my son who turned 1 year old last January. Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience! My most memorable breastfeeding experience happened […]