Love a Man Who Cooks and Other Things I’ve Done Right

My love language is gifts, and one of my dialects is food. Fortunately (both for me and him!), The Hubby has learned—over the 12 years of marriage and 17 years of couplehood—to speak it with ease. The Hubby gets me my favorite treats: popcorn and, on extremely special occasions, Cheetos Jalapeño Cheese. Sometimes, when he […]

Wealthy Living: Marriage and Money

Contributed by Melvin J. Esteban, FLMI, AFSI, RFP, CFC Finance guru Efren Cruz, who happens to be a friend of mine, once said, that in the Filipino family “Ang ina ang ilaw nga ating tahanan” (The mother symbolizes the light of our home), then he goes on to say that “unfortunately, the role of the […]

10 Secrets of Sizzling Couples

See each other as lovers.  Don’t fall into the habit of calling each other “Mommy” and “Daddy” even when the kids aren’t around. Flirt with each other—even if it doesn’t lead to any in-the-ring action. Communicate. Go beyond the how-was-your-day-can-you-wake-me-up-early-tomorrow-and-pick-up-the-kids-on-your-way-home. Talk about non-house related topics. Discuss political issues. Your plans for the future. You know, […]

From ‘Mind the Baby’ to ‘Oh, Baby!’

Keep your sex life sizzling–even after the kids.