12 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

This article is from Rochelle over at Pinay and Money. She’s an advocate of women achieving financial freedom, and I thought she’d be a great resource person to help us teach our kids about money. Do visit her blog—you’re sure to pick up a lot of financial tips. The idea of parents discussing money with […]

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy: A Guide to Portion Sizes

From birth to six months, all your baby will need is breast milk or formula (while some start solids as early as four months, recent studies show that babies’ digestive systems may not be ready to handle anything other than milk at this point; and some anti-allergens are not  yet produced, leaving babies susceptible to […]

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy: Four Feeding Habits to Break

I have always been a serial muncher. Chalk it up to my four years of high school dorm life (when has dorm food ever been appetizing?). My favorite eating pattern is salty-sweet-salty-sweet, which usually translates to chips-cookies-chips-chocolate. Then I married The Hubby, who didn’t eat with as much gusto as I do, especially snack food […]

Get Your Kids Eating Healthy: Habits to Start

Survey says (the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study, that is) that children pick up their family’s eating habits from birth to 24 months, and lifelong food preferences are set as early as three years. That’s why now that we started our six-and-a-half-month old daughter Breeze on solid food, I want to make sure that we […]

‘Everyone Dies’–Helping Your Child Deal with Death

My daughter Raine’s first experience with death was when my 10-year old dog, Chloe, died. I explained to Raine that Chloe had gotten sick, and since she was so old, the doctor couldn’t help her anymore. She nodded understandingly and said, “OK. When Chloe’s feeling better, and she isn’t dead anymore, we can play again.” […]

Breastfeeding the Fussy Feeder

To find out that my milk was not only unable to soothe Breeze, but could also partly be the cause of her misery was a blow to my already deflated Mommy ego. Breastfeeding, which was once my bastion of confidence as a mother, now stressed me out. But we are coping. Sometimes we even enjoy it. Along the way, we’ve found tricks and strategies that helped ease feeding woes.

NIP and Tuck–The Art of Nursing in Public

The great thing about breastfeeding—aside from the usual ‘breast milk is best for babies’—is that the feeding equipment and supplies are pretty much pack-and-go, there’s no need for complex sterilization or preparation, and they only occupy the space in your nursing bra.  But knowing that it’s the best source of nourishment and being able to […]

Raising a Reader

We all know that reading skills are the foundation for future success. But how do you get your children into reading?

Our Battle Against TV Part 3: Taming the TV Monster

I knew I had to come up with better strategies to keep Raine from being sucked in by the TV. I got a reprieve of sorts when our senior citizen of a TV finally kicked the bucket (or the picture tube, as the case may be). We just told Raine that it was broken and […]

Taming Tantrums–Yours

How to deal with your anger.