Review: Everyday Homemaking – The Everyday Family Chore System

This review for The Everyday Family Chore System by Vicki Bentley of Everyday Homemaking couldn’t have come at a better time. One of the reasons that I haven’t been able to regularly update this blog is because we’ve been operating on semi-survival mode since June, when The Amazing AL, our part-time housekeeper for the past […]

HP Bulletin # 346

The past few weeks have been eventful. Rather, they have been uneventful, save for one eventful event, which rendered the rest of the time unable to support any other events of significance. Did that befuddle you? No worries, I’m as fuddled as can be too. The Amazing Aling Lourdes, or AL for short, our mistress […]

Homeschool in Small Spaces

We live in a cozy, two-bed-two-bath-open-plan-living-area house. While we sometimes have “Can’t I ever have my own space and be alone!” dramas (by me and both girls), this house has served us HPs well over more than a decade. I am not much of an interior designer, and I’m a packrat by nature, so in […]

Free Downloadable Planner Pages

Another year, another chance to do great things! This was supposed to be a longer post, but life gets in the way. Just in case you still need a planner, here are some pages you can print out for free! These were designed by my cousin Diane a few years ago, but they’re still pretty […]

Free Downloadable Planner Pages

New year, another chance to set your life right. And I find that writing things down helps keep me on track. As I said last year, I love Mommy Planners, and I even offered some of my own, designed by my cousin Diane. This year, I still have the same set of planners, but by […]

Free Downloadable Planner Pages

I love planners. I love getting all organized and listing down things to do and buy and see. I’ve been looking for a Mommy Planner that can help me keep my lives (mommy, wifey and Ree) in order. I actually planned on producing one to sell, but lack of time and capital prevented me from doing […]