Review: Thank You , God, for Blessing Me

  When we got our copy of Thank You, God, for Blessing Me, Breeze immediately commandeered it and declared it her “favorite book ever”. It’s a sturdy little board book, perfectly sized for her, and we are familiar with Max Lucado’s Hermie and friends characters, so I can see why she immediately took to it. […]

Review: My First Hands-On Bible

  I have been trying to incorporate the Word and Bible reading into the girls’ daily life (and mine—but that’s another story). Raine’s had several Bible story books over the years, and we’ve been reading those off and on, but I wanted something deeper and more meaningful. We also tried memorizing one verse a week, […]

Review: Vocabulary Spelling City

Raine and I are happy with the Funnix reading program we currently use, so while we use Sonlight as our main curriculum, I don’t use their Language Arts and Reading materials much. Lately though, Raine’s reading skills have improved phenomenally. She can read and comprehend chapter books by herself (she loves Boxcar Children and is […]

Homemade Bowling!

Cost of making this homemade bowling set? Negligible. Seeing that excitement and anticipation–priceless! We have dozens of empty water bottles at home, and rather than sending them to the recycling center, I decided to convert them into homemade bowling pins. We had hours of fun with these—even Daddy joined in! We played this out back, […]

The Ultimate Faker Super Shortcut Semi-Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

I was debating with myself whether or not I should share this recipe, since I rather like the idea of people thinking I’m an extraordinary cook when they taste my chocolate mousse. But it’s simply too fab not to share. I got the basic recipe from Charo, a friend of mine, and tweaked it to […]

Moms Share…Bedtime Books

Looking for a good book to read to your kids? Some moms share their personal favorites.

D-I-Y Pasta Beads

I’ve read that working with beads helps develop a child’s fine motor skills, essential for writing, drawing, feeding and dressing oneself and the like. I’d long wanted to get my daughter, Raine, a lacing/bead set, but I found the sets available in the stores too expensive. I planned to get beads at the fabric stores […]

Energy Release Cookies

Even before she turned two, Raine has always been my little baking ‘assistant’.  Take note of the quotation marks. As can be expected, having Raine help always ends up messier and much, much slower—plus her definition of ‘taste the batter’ involves spoonfuls of the stuff (I try to think of it as really good quality […]

Pipe Cleaner Creatures

My quest to distract Raine from TV has led me to several interesting activities that I normally wouldn’t have done (or, in my imaginary Perfect Mommy world, would have done, along with a string of other exciting, brain-stimulating, character-developing activities). Making pipe cleaner creatures sounded very easy. But as I discovered, I am not the […]