My name is Rheea—Ree for short—and I’m no motherhood expert. In fact, I never planned on being a mom. Now, two wonderful daughters later, I’m still amazed at God’s ability to not only change hearts, but provide guidance and grace along the way.

Motherhood has never been easy for me; I am one of the least maternal, undisciplined, self-centered people I know. But I also know I am where I am today mostly by the grace of God, who keeps me sane and has signed me up for a lifelong class in patience and self-control.

Aside from being Wife and Mommy, I also am a storyteller. Sometimes, after reading all those parenting books that attempt to teach you the best ways to raise your child; or after encounters with mothers who make motherhood seem so easy and fun, I feel inadequate and disheartened. Sometime I feel that I am the only one who grapples with being a mom. Here on Rainy Days and Mom Days, I’d like to share my stories: my experiences and lessons learned, my struggles and my triumphs.  I’d like other moms to know that motherhood isn’t all sunshine and rainbows—that you need the rain to fully appreciate the rainbows. And, armed with more knowledge, encouragement from people who’ve been there and, most of all, with God’s grace, motherhood can be a breeze.

Sometimes, anyway.