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Review: Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program

It’s no secret that I have grand aspirations of the artistic bent (and my kids always remind me, “expectations versus reality!”). Which is why reviewing the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece is such a joyful thing. We reviewed Creating a Masterpiece a couple of years back, and I am pretty happy with our experience […]

Review: Progeny Press – Shadow Spinner Study Guide & The Hound of the Baskervilles Study Guide

We’ve reviewed a Progeny Press Study Guide before, and I have purchased several to use in a book club that I ran for a few months. I’m happy to be able to review the Shadow Spinner Study Guide and the The Hound of the Baskervilles Study Guide this time ’round. Both study guides are downloadable […]

HP Bulletin #429

We have been so overwhelmed lately. We’ve had to move house suddenly. And now that we’ve finally transferred our 845,378 boxes and bags of stuff, we have to unpack and put away all that. So. We have, however, started our newest school year! Raine is 7th grade, and Breeze, 4th. Time flies! We’re on our […]