HP Bulletin #407

The HPs have been busy. Or rather, the adult HPs have been like tourbillons (pardon the French--I miss using that word) while the kids have been having an extremely light school load (which they will need to make up for soon!).

After Breeze's Soapy Booper handmade soap business that helped keep us afloat last Christmas, Raine is now starting her handmade jewelry business, called Beads of Paradise.

One of my favorite Beads of Paradise creations

Me, I'm desperately trying to wrap up a commissioned book project, while trying to get our new online magazine into full sail. Then The Hubby is also on a tight deadline for a massive project, which is both exciting and scary.

As for Simon, he's losing his winter blubber. Sort of.

No, Simon didn't lose weight because he played The Hunger Games

We're finishing up our third quarter of homeschool, and I am so looking forward to wrapping up the school year and starting the next one. Because new books!

We have been trying to get out more, explore our new-ish home city. I love how when it's summer here, it still isn't as hot as back down in Manila. And the trees! And flowers!

Raine joined watercolor workshop at the Baguio Arts and Crafts Fair
We were invited to watch a special field parade at the Philippine Military Academy

We do hope to get a nice family break soon.

Now back to work!


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