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Never Can Have Too Many Books Part 1

There’s been a chain posting thing going around (not sure if there’s a proper term for it); if you get tagged, you’d have to post 10 book covers of your favorite books, one a day. While I love posts like this (and I would feel terrible if no one tagged me!), I don’t think I […]

A Touch of Spice

“You’re wearing lipstick.” Breeze eyed me with suspicion. “You never wear lipstick. Unless you’re going to a meeting. And only if it’s important!” So take note. If I met up with you and I was wearing lipstick, consider yourself extra important! It’s understandable though that Breeze would be so unused to seeing me made up. […]

Review: Home School Navigator

If there are things that I am always on the look out for, it’s different ways to teach Math, and an acceptable (to her) writing curriculum for Breeze. When we were given the opportunity to review Home School Navigator I was hoping that it would finally be THE curriculum we were looking for.   Home School Navigator […]

Review: CodeWizardsHQ

The Hubby is in IT. So are my dad, my brother, my uncle, my aunt, and a couple of cousins. So you could say that programming, coding, IT and all that are in Raine’s blood. As a family, we’re all advocates of Girls Who Code. Raine has been trying to learn how to code for […]