The HPs’ Annual MIBF Field Trip

We made it! And we caught the MIBF mascot for our traditional book fair picture.

I have been going to the Manila International Book Fair longer than The Hubby and I have been together (17 years in November!). It used to be held at the World Trade Center on the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Buendia Avenue, which was about two blocks down from where I lived. My mom and I used to walk over to MIBF, then we'd sometimes have to take a taxi that short distance back, because there was no way we'd make it back with our backs intact, given the weight of our heavy (but utterly useful--every single buy) purchases.

One day is never enough for the book fair, because I like to go in a systematic fashion, up and down each and every aisle. I used to go at least two days--the first just to scope out the land, and the second to make serious purchases. I would get my Christmas gifts, and fill my emergency gift box, and of course, add to my tsundoku. Sometimes, I'd even go a third day, just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

When Raine was 4, I took her to her first MIBF. We walked to the gate, rode a tricycle, rode a jeep, walked quite a distance, and stayed at the book fair for about seven hours. At the end of the day, when I congratulated her for behaving so well, she told me, "See. I told you I'd be a good Book Fair Buddy." We skipped a few years, and then Breeze was old enough to take along too. Two kids are a bit harder to handle so we didn't stay as long, and I couldn't do my systematic sweep through the entire fair, but I love sharing the thrill of the book fair with the girls.

All set! The girls were ready bright and early. They also decided to wear matching tops.

The kids consider MIBF as our annual must-go field trip. This year, they even paid for their purchases with their own money. They sold some of their old books, and after setting aside their tithe, savings, and our upcoming trip, they still had enough to indulge themselves. Raine, who brought more money from her old stash, got a couple of books and a purple pen. Breeze is more controlled in her buying, but came home very happy with her single book (and more money left).

They love riding jeeps, despite the smoke and the heat.

The jeep finally emptied out as we neared MOA.

The girls maximized the free trial of the brush pens.

Breeze and her dragon surrounded by evil short-eared bunnies

Raine loves this floral doodling style now.

We met Mama B at MIBF

Starving Breeze enjoys her first mini bibinka.

Taking a break at the Museo Pambata booth

I'm so glad we homeschool, because we can afford to go on a weekday, when there are thinner crowds. Even so, there are loads of people, and field trips galore. The crowd contributes to the thrill of it, I guess. "It's still heaven!" said the girls.

And so it is.

We had a big haul, so we decided to Uber home.


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