Review: Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract

This paper pumpkin candy holder (say it ten times fast!) from Let the Little Children Come is the most unusual--but fun!--product we've reviewed so far. Officially titled the Is There Anything Better Than Candy Box-Tract, this tiny treat box is actually a tool to help share the Gospel with children.


Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
The box tracts come unassembled in packs of twenty. The pumpkin is die-cut, so you can easily push out each one. Then you just bring together the flaps with the stalks, then slip the stalks through the slits on the other flaps. I am follow-the-directions-challenged, particularly if I have to follow pictures without words, so even if the pumpkin came with assembly illustrations, it took me about three pumpkins before I figured out the proper order of the flaps. They're quite easy to assemble though; even my 10- and 7-year-olds can do it.



Ideally, you fill the pumpkins with candy and give them out to trick-or-treaters (I am the killjoy of sugar-fueled occasions--I prefer to fill up things like these with more useful stuff like small erasers or little pencils, but that's me). When kids open up their pumpkin, they get to read the Gospel printed on the attractively colored flaps. On those small flaps of the Halloween tract are the basics of the Gospel--God loves us, but sin separates us from Him. He therefore sent his only son, Jesus to take our sins and die on the cross to save us. If we confess and ask for forgiveness, believe in Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf, and invite Jesus into our lives, then we can be with God forever.



Sharing the Gospel isn't easy, and sharing it with young kids in a way that they can easily understand is an even bigger challenge. This pumpkin Halloween tract, with its enticing (theoretically) contents, adorable shape, and colorful insides make it easier to broach the subject. The message inside is also written in simple, digestible words, speaking directly to the reader. The message is not only for the kids, but also for the adults who happen to read it with them.

Halloween and trick-or-treating aren't really big things here in the HP household, but we adore all other kinds of parties, especially birthday parties, so these pumpkin candy boxes will be of use as part of the loot bags. We could probably have an autumn-themed party, or even better--a farm-themed party (we're thinking of starting a farm!). I can put in some token sweets and my preferred useful school supplies (getting excited thinking about it). They'd also be nice to hand out to visiting kids. I'm sure the girls will also come up with some creative uses for these box-tracts.



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