HP Bulletin #304

It's been pretty silent here the past few weeks, I know. Between FitCon MNL 2017, and catching up on HP Academy school work, things have been quite hectic.


FitCon MNL 2017, I believe, can be called a success. People were introduced to the latest in fitness and wellness, and  I bet they learned more than they were expecting.

Early morning in BGC. Day 1 of FitCon MNL 2017

Garnet Suidy leading FitCon MNL delegates in an invigorating bodyART workout

My sister Rix leading a BOSU class at FitCon MNL

Pain is pleasure with TriggerPoint foam rolling. 😀 Really. It hurts to roll especially if your muscles are all gunked up, but post workout, you'll feel so good. Promise!

This Zumba dance party had been going non-stop for more than an hour at this point--and they just kept going!


Then the girls and I attended Little Heroes, a first aid workshop for kids conducted by the Early Intervention Management group. The girls enjoyed that--with the number of scrapes and cuts and bruises Breeze gets weekly, it's always wonderful to know how to administer first aid. The doctors and the nurses who conducted the workshop were also very patient, and they taught the kids very well. They also conduct workshops for teens, adults, and families. Definitely worth looking into!

Breeze learns how to immobilize a sprained ankle.


Improvised finger splint!


Little Hero first aid workshop for kids is worth the two hours on a Saturday morning. The kids learned a lot!


Then we went back to Camp N to celebrate Breeze's birthday. We love Camp N! We've been there a few times, and we keep going back. I've tried the biking clinic; the entire HP family did a round of the aerial walk, zip lines, and climbing wall; we even brought my mom, who enjoyed it thoroughly. This time, the kids did the Nuun Dirt Preschool, an intro class on trail running (I asked what the difference was between regular and trail running and the kids said--you have to wear shoes for the latter. Um, OK.) while The Hubby and I did a clinic on trail biking. I finally learned to shift gears! And my butt managed to detach itself from its death grip on the saddle for a few seconds at a time. I still need to work on my mount and dismount though.

Breeze in her element. She loves running, and she loves being outdoors.

Raine and Breeze love the Camp N obstacle course.

This was part of the kids' trail running training.

Me, aka Nearly-Bursting-Overripe-Tomato

The Hubby and I survived 12km of dirt roads, sinuous, muddy paths, steep inclines, and getting slapped by grass and branches.

Then Raine had her first overnight camp on her own. No parents, no family. She came back wishing it didn't end so early. And then the day after, we visited my in-laws in San Pablo, about two hours' drive away. They had mangoes--dangling like a couple of feet from the ground! Breeze harvested some (still enjoying them!).

Raine all chirpy , even before 6AM, alive, awake and enthusiastic for her first overnight camp away from home.


Harvested a basketful of Indian mangoes with Lolo Ike.

And finally, we've trying to catch up with school. So it's been a whirlwind around here. This week we're preparing for the third quarter portfolio presentation next week, so it's another week of madness. And hopefully, after next Wednesday, we're back to a more placid routine. We sure could use it!

Lesson planning is exhausting. Even Simon thinks so.


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