HP Bulletin #287

It's been quiet around here. Mostly because the kids are off on some sort of midterm vacation at my sister-in-law's house, and have been there for over a week. The Hubby and I can hear each other's thoughts. It's that quiet (mostly our thoughts are what is there to snack on and what should we watch tonight and wow, it's that early and we're done with the chores already?!). We've also realized how much the girls can eat! Food that would normally last just two meals with all of us HPs extends to four, even five meals for me and The Hubby.

Simon misses the girls the most, I think. He's unusually clingy and keeps moping around, singing the songs of his people.

We're also trying to catch up on work while the kids are away. The Hubby's been busy working on the online version of MATH-Inic, which is his father's creation. It's a system of mental Math techniques that make Math fun, fast and easy. His dad's work has produced two books and several MATH-Inic centers where kids can go for live lessons, and now, The Hubby's work is putting MATH-Inic online for those who aren't near any centers.

The view over the plaza in between the two buildings of BaselWorld, Basel, Switzerland


I, on the other hand, have been busy processing all my press materials from my trip to BaselWorld 2017. I've also been preparing the editorial line up for our midyear issue of the watch magazine that I put together. Aside from that, I've been helping my superseester Rix organize the biggest fitness and wellness conference in the Philippines, FitCON MNL 2017. She has this vision of bringing the fitness industry in the Philippines at par with the international standards, and dreams of bringing more education opportunities to the country. You can hear how passionate she is about it when she talks, and I really want to help her succeed at this. I sort of am looking forward to Mind Your Body Evening and the Zumba Dance Party night. Sort of, because these things are definitely out of my coordination comfort zone.

This one seems so relaxing

I will try Zumba, even if I have two left feet

What I haven't gone round to doing is school. I haven't planned out the last two quarters of school! I sort of know what we have to finish, but I haven't quite figured out how we're going to get things done.

The girls haven't missed school at all. They are supposed to be working through their Science while at their aunt's. Will see how that went when they come back. In the meantime, they've gone to the movies (Beauty and the Beast), tried that huge trampoline thing, ran around the huge garden, went to some MATH-Inic classes, bummed around and read, and went back to Camp N, one of their favorite places in the world. They're having so much fun, I don't think they're ready to come back home. Ever.

Raine finally made it to level 3 of the Aerial Walk at Camp N! She also almost shot a bird while doing archery. 

No matter where they go, Breeze always finds a spot under the sun to read

So that's it for the past two weeks for us HPs!





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