The Bed

The girls on Breeze's new bed (even without the sheets on!). They both slept on this bed over the weekend. Spot Simon!

Breeze had been praying for a bed for nearly a year. Every night, a bed of her own was always on the list of things that she prayed for.

Ever since she outgrew her crib (at 10 months, I think), Breeze and Raine have been sharing the day bed. It actually isn’t that bad—the three of us used to fit in it (back when I still used to breastfeed Breeze, and would fall asleep in the kids’ room and never make it back to my room), and we all managed to sleep rather peacefully. But, they are growing girls, and waking up with your sister’s foot in your face has ceased to be amusing for them.

We moved Breeze to a mattress on the floor, but she wasn’t too happy about that, even if Raine also took her turn on it. Eventually, Breeze moved back up to the daybed, or they’d made a fort with blankets and sleep on the mattress on the floor. Still, she prayed unceasingly.

We have been looking for a suitable bed, but it isn’t in our budget priorities. Then out of the blue, my cousin (and Breeze’s godmother) Wendy asked me if we needed a bed. She had bought a new bed for her condo, and was disposing of the old one. We just had to pick it up at her condo, which was a cross-country drive from us (not really; we just feel that way). I then asked The Hubby’s sister Rose, who happens to live near Wendy, if she had a pickup truck available, and someone willing to deliver the bed to us. Long story short—we got the bed last Saturday.

The joy on Breeze’s face melts my heart. She was ecstatic. And now her nightly prayers are to give thanks for her new bed. I praise God for making His presence so tangible in her life. And for showing her that He answers prayers in His perfect time. I pray that this will strengthen Raine and Breeze’s faith. And I thank God for the generous people in our lives.

What a mighty, wonderful God we serve!



  1. Amen & amen. He always answers prayers, not always the way we want it but always the best way. Yes, we serve an awesome GOD.

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