We’re Off to See the Wizard!

Raine when she first received her Wizard of Oz book from Ninong Tata. She loves that book.

From the time her Ninong Tata gave Raine her first copy of The Wizard of Oz—the simplified children’s illustrated version—Raine has loved Dorothy and Toto and the Scarecrow and the Tin Man and the Lion and the little Wizard. She talks about how the Wicked Witch got squashed and how the monkeys fly. She read her book over and over and brought it with her everywhere. When she found another (more advanced) version of the book, she read that too. One time (when we still had TV), I caught the 1939 Wizard of Oz, the one with Judy Garland, on TCM and I asked Raine if she wanted to watch—she was enthralled (of course there was the added perk of being allowed to stay up past her bedtime and hang out with Mommy while eating chips).

The Hubby and I were pretty excited to hear that Repertory Philippines is staging Wizard of Oz, and that’s it’s going to be at Onstage, Greenbelt 1, Makati. Right in our comfort zone (The Hubby hates going anywhere other than Makati or The Fort—and we don’t even live there!). I’m pretty sure that Raine will enjoy it, since she can sit and focus for a pretty long time. Now Breeze, I’m not too sure. I’m praying that she will be able to sit relatively still and keep quiet while we watch. That’s the good news—we’re getting tickets to the show, courtesy of my friend Mia.  

Mia and her friends, Angela Tiutoc Lauchengco and Carmen Silverio Roxas, are The Stage Mothers, a trio of moms who happen to love the theatre, and like doing good deeds. They’re sponsoring the 5:30PM show of Wizard of Oz, on September 2, for the benefit of those who have been affected by the floods. All the proceeds from the show will go to the relief efforts conducted by the Red Cross and Angel Brigade.

Aside from that, Mia is also on a personal mission to find sponsors for at least 100 less privileged children to see the show, kids who may never have seen a musical in their entire life. To quote her, “And so, we would like to ask if you might partner with us by sponsoring a child (or two...or ten!)…One balcony ticket costs P300. To bring a total of 100 kids, we need to raise P22,500 more plus about P10,000 for transportation, or a total of P32,500. Contributions will be listed under your name (or initials, if you prefer, just let us know) in Facebook.com/TheStageMothers.”
Here are some other details:

   Wizard of Oz by Repertory Philippines

   Sunday, September 2


   Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1

    For ticket inquiries please contact Carmen at 09175288085 or message us at  facebook.com/TheStageMothers

   Ticket prices:

   600 - Orchestra Center (reserved seating)

   500 - Orchestra Sides (free seating)

   300 - Balcony (free seating)

 Make a purchase of at least 20 tickets (within the same section, any section), and you/your company will be acknowledged as a sponsor via VO prior to the show.

 We are also bringing in less privileged children undergoing empowerment programs (in art, reading, etc) by ATD Fourth World Philippines (an NGO). As of today, 26 kids have been sponsored 🙂 Anyone is welcome to sponsor a child (we are setting aside the best seats in the balcony for them).

So please do help out, whether by buying a ticket or by contributing to their fund to sponsor some children (you don’t have to give the full amount—any amount will help).



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