Review: Thank You , God, for Blessing Me


When we got our copy of Thank You, God, for Blessing Me, Breeze immediately commandeered it and declared it her “favorite book ever”. It’s a sturdy little board book, perfectly sized for her, and we are familiar with Max Lucado’s Hermie and friends characters, so I can see why she immediately took to it.

Thank You, God, for Blessing Me is a book about gratitude. In 10 pages, Little Hermie thanks the Lord for the things that he has been blessed with, from his “eight little buggy feet” (a phrase that Raine enjoyed hearing) to his food and his friends. The size of the book and its sturdiness, with the short rhyming verses and delightful illustrations, make Thank You, God, for Blessing Me an ideal book for toddlers, and even babies. Raine, who at nearly-five, and can read chapter books on her own, enjoyed the book as well. This book makes for a nice bedtime read (actually, we read it throughout the day).

The Hubby and I have been trying to teach the kids about prayers of thanksgiving, and sometimes it’s hard to think of anything beyond the “thank you, Lord, for the food” (although one time while we were praying, Breeze piped in “thank you for taxi!”— something that she obviously has picked up from me). Thank You, God, for Blessing Me helps us show the girls that there are lots of things that God has blessed us with and should be grateful for.  I also like that Hermie asks for help “to be kind and obey” as his way of saying thank you to God.

How do you teach your children about gratitude, especially gratitude for God’s blessings?  



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  1. aww, cute Breeze! what a great book! good reminder for us also to thank not just for the big things but for the little things as well 😛

    for now, we’ve gotten as far as Raph knowing to sit still with hands clasped when we say “okay, let’s pray!”. so cute when he does it… except that one time i think he wasn’t in the mood, and when we said it was time to pray, he staunchly refused, slouched back and made “ppppbbbbtttth!!! pbbbbbbttthhhh!!!” sounds the whole time we were praying @_@

  2. hahaha. oh raph!

  3. Hermie books always entertain the kids and at the same time, teaches great values! we absolutely love them! 😀

  4. Chris, I agree with you. I’m trying to look for more Hermie books.

  5. Oh I like this too! Must BUY! Thanks for sharing this!

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