Giveaway! 30 Days of Time4Learning Up for Grabs

I recently posted a review about Time4Learning's online learning program. In a nutshell, Raine and I both enjoyed it. We used the Kindergarten level. It had Math (which we focused on) and Language Arts, as well as Science. Higher levels also have Social Science and Art (Time4Learning has curriculum for Pre-K to 8th Grade). We loved this program, and we're happy to recommend it to others.

Now, I have an arrangement with Time4Learning--we're giving away a free 30-day trial to 10 people. So that's one whole month of learning, exploring and fun online, without any risk on your part. You just have to post a review at the end of your trial. No I am not getting paid to promote this, and I don't work for Time4Learning. I had an opportunity to try it out, and I feel that other people would benefit too.

I was thinking of having a contest or some sort of raffle, but nah. Here's the link.Β  First 10 to register get the trial. Easy, no? But do let me know if you're one of the 10. Just leave a comment below to let me know your blog or website. I'd love to read your review.

Happy learning!



  1. Hi Rheea,

    A fan of your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to try the online learning program.


  2. Blessing Cabalang says

    HI! Thanks for posting this. I’ve been wanting to try time4learning since you posted it on your blog. Now I can! Thanks to you.. Can’t wait for my daughter to try it.


  3. Wow thanks Claire! Hope you enjoy Time4Learning like we did. πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Blessing (what a lovely name!). Glad you got to try it out. Let me know what happens. Look forward to reading your review πŸ™‚

  5. this is exciting! i am gpoing to sign up now.. hope we get to try it for free! πŸ˜€ thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Hi Rheea!

    I’m a big fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing this, i signed up too. Can’t wait to check it out when I get home later from work! :))


  7. Hi Rheea! Faye referred me to your blog πŸ™‚ I signed-up too.

  8. @Chris, you’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by. It’s a great program πŸ™‚

    @Faye, thanks. I’m flattered! Let me know how you and Maia like it.

    @Erlaine, glad Faye pointed you here. Enjoy T4L!

  9. Thanks for sharing….

  10. @Mommy Kat, thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

  11. hi ree! just signed up for a slot. i hope the haligilet likes it. let’s plan a playdate again soon!

  12. @Maver, great! Hope he enjoys as much as Raine did. And hope to see you soon!

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