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Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy: A Guide to Portion Sizes

From birth to six months, all your baby will need is breast milk or formula (while some start solids as early as four months, recent studies show that babies’ digestive systems may not be ready to handle anything other than milk at this point; and some anti-allergens are not  yet produced, leaving babies susceptible to […]

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy: Four Feeding Habits to Break

I have always been a serial muncher. Chalk it up to my four years of high school dorm life (when has dorm food ever been appetizing?). My favorite eating pattern is salty-sweet-salty-sweet, which usually translates to chips-cookies-chips-chocolate. Then I married The Hubby, who didn’t eat with as much gusto as I do, especially snack food […]

Get Your Kids Eating Healthy: Habits to Start

Survey says (the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study, that is) that children pick up their family’s eating habits from birth to 24 months, and lifelong food preferences are set as early as three years. That’s why now that we started our six-and-a-half-month old daughter Breeze on solid food, I want to make sure that we […]

Paola’s Fusilli with Vegetables and Tuna Recipe

This is the second winner of the Rainy Days and Mom Days Quickie Recipe contest: a yummy and very fast pasta dish by Paola Loot. Allow me to let her tell you all about it. Oh,  I LOVE go-to recipes! I’m a first time mom (with no yaya!) so juggling cooking duties with being a […]

Mich’s Super Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

This recipe by makeup artist and domestic diva Mich Lim-Reyes won the Rainy Days and Mom Days Quickie Recipe contest. And as guest judge Georgia Rocha-Chu of Empire says, “I like Mich’s Shepherd Pie recipe…It’s a whole meal, the recipe is complete and simple, and it sounds yummeh!” And as Mich herself says: my husband thinks […]