Guess Who’ll Be Munching on Macarons This Week!

One dozen of these melt-in-your-mouth, super yummy macarons could be yours!

Thank you all for the delicious and easy recipes that you've shared. I'll be publishing them this week. I couldn't choose which recipe was the winner, so I had baker extraordinaire George Rocha-Chu of Empire choose. And she chose, I quote:

"I like Mich's Shepherd Pie recipe...It's a whole meal, the recipe is complete and simple, and it sounds yummeh!"

So congratulations to Mich for winning with your quickie recipe. And for the raffle winner, I wrote out all the entry names on slips of paper, and Raine picked one. Congrats to Paola Loot!

I sent you both a message asking for your delivery address and contact numbers. Please reply so George can send your scrumptious macarons this week.

Thanks again and keep dropping by Rainy Days and Mom Days!



  1. yey!!! can’t wait!

  2. super excited!

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