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Guess Who’ll Be Munching on Macarons This Week!

Thank you all for the delicious and easy recipes that you’ve shared. I’ll be publishing them this week. I couldn’t choose which recipe was the winner, so I had baker extraordinaire George Rocha-Chu of Empire choose. And she chose, I quote: “I like Mich’s Shepherd Pie recipe…It’s a whole meal, the recipe is complete and […]

Win Scrumptious Empire Macarons!

Win a dozen of these oh-so-yummy Empire macarons just by sharing your favorite no-fail shortcut recipe!

The Ultimate Faker Super Shortcut Semi-Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

I was debating with myself whether or not I should share this recipe, since I rather like the idea of people thinking I’m an extraordinary cook when they taste my chocolate mousse. But it’s simply too fab not to share. I got the basic recipe from Charo, a friend of mine, and tweaked it to […]