Easy Appetizers: Chicken Liver Pate

Longtime readers will know that The Hubby and I love cooking and having people over, and over the years, we’ve collected several go-to recipes that we can pretty much do with our eyes closed, and still please (most of) our guests’ palates. This super easy chicken liver pate is one of those recipes, and even […]

Lemon Bars, Child Labor, and Tough Love

This is really a recipe post. The girls baked a scrumptious batch of lemon bars this afternoon. But I have a longish intro; scroll down if you want to skip it and go straight to the recipe. Raine, who turned 9 a couple of months ago, decided that she was old enough to bake on […]

The Weekly Menu Experiment – Week 1

I’ll come straight out and say it. I would rather wash the dishes than make the weekly menu. I know that coming up with what to cook for dinner and breakfast (because lunch is always last night’s leftovers) daily is stressful, and I know that making the weekly menu will relieve that stress. I know […]

Easy Whatever-You-Have-in-the-Pantry Roast Vegetables

Last week, my sister-in-law invited me over to a potluck dinner and asked me to bring some salad. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drop by the grocery to get some greens. The day of the dinner, I desperately scrounged around the ref and my veggie basket and came up with a carrot, a few potatoes, […]

Easy Apple Oat Muffins with Calamansi Frosting

I’ve been trying to bake regularly, since I want Raine to bring healthy snacks to school. Breeze also has the makings of a serial muncher (so like Mommy!), so I want to make sure that there are healthy stuff to eat around the house. But one major reason I’m so excited to bake these days […]

Taco Salad–My Pseudo-Healthy Comfort Food

  Aside from fries, chips and dark chocolates, most of my comfort foods are made with ground meat. My mom has the most mouthwatering repertoire of ground meat dishes: cornburger and mashed potatoes, arroz ala (Tati) cubana, cream beef and bacon, spaghetti in tomato meat sauce, and taco salad. Of these, taco salad is the […]

Free Downloadable Planner Pages

I love planners. I love getting all organized and listing down things to do and buy and see. I’ve been looking for a Mommy Planner that can help me keep my lives (mommy, wifey and Ree) in order. I actually planned on producing one to sell, but lack of time and capital prevented me from doing […]

Easy Roast Pork and Vegetables with Gravy—from Scratch

I cooked this for The Hubby’s birthday dinner last week. I decided on the menu at about 3PM; sent The Hubby out to get some meat at about 3:30PM (yes, in the maniacal downpour, and on his birthday); started cooking a little past 4PM; and we had dinner at 6PM. I made a batch of […]

Super Quick, Super Healthy Steamed Fish and Tomatoes

I can get this dinner on the table in 30 minutes—and it’s always gone in less than that. Aside from the obvious nutrition factor, the yumminess and the simplicity, the next great thing about this recipe is that it only needs one pot.  Oh joy (and yes, I mean more than the dishwashing liquid).  You’ll […]

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy: A Guide to Portion Sizes

From birth to six months, all your baby will need is breast milk or formula (while some start solids as early as four months, recent studies show that babies’ digestive systems may not be ready to handle anything other than milk at this point; and some anti-allergens are not  yet produced, leaving babies susceptible to […]