HP Bulletin #287

It’s been quiet around here. Mostly because the kids are off on some sort of midterm vacation at my sister-in-law’s house, and have been there for over a week. The Hubby and I can hear each other’s thoughts. It’s that quiet (mostly our thoughts are what is there to snack on and what should we watch tonight […]

The Bed

Breeze had been praying for a bed for nearly a year. Every night, a bed of her own was always on the list of things that she prayed for. Ever since she outgrew her crib (at 10 months, I think), Breeze and Raine have been sharing the day bed. It actually isn’t that bad—the three […]

Homeschool in Small Spaces

We live in a cozy, two-bed-two-bath-open-plan-living-area house. While we sometimes have “Can’t I ever have my own space and be alone!” dramas (by me and both girls), this house has served us HPs well over more than a decade. I am not much of an interior designer, and I’m a packrat by nature, so in […]

Free Downloadable Planner Pages

Another year, another chance to do great things! This was supposed to be a longer post, but life gets in the way. Just in case you still need a planner, here are some pages you can print out for free! These were designed by my cousin Diane a few years ago, but they’re still pretty […]

Mathematize Your Home: Board Games

    One of the sneaky ways we use to work in some Math skills into our regular, non-formal-studying lives is play board games. The girls love board games. We started with the beginner ones like Snakes and Ladders and Candyland, to Richard Scarry games to the girls’ current favorite, Monopoly.   Aside from the […]

5 Budget-Friendly Kids Play Room Ideas

It’s a simple fact that kids love to play and they will never have enough of it. Besides school playgrounds, they should be provided with a nice place to do so at home as well. Bedroom and the sitting room may serve your kids well for that purpose, but having their own playroom is a […]

Lemon Bars, Child Labor, and Tough Love

This is really a recipe post. The girls baked a scrumptious batch of lemon bars this afternoon. But I have a longish intro; scroll down if you want to skip it and go straight to the recipe. Raine, who turned 9 a couple of months ago, decided that she was old enough to bake on […]

The Weekly Menu Experiment – Week 1

I’ll come straight out and say it. I would rather wash the dishes than make the weekly menu. I know that coming up with what to cook for dinner and breakfast (because lunch is always last night’s leftovers) daily is stressful, and I know that making the weekly menu will relieve that stress. I know […]

How a Pain in the Ass Can Give You Headaches–and How to Get Rid of It

I suffer from really bad headaches. The throbbing kind that shoots pain every time you move. The one that makes your eyes water involuntarily. The one that makes you pukey. The one that makes your world spin. I’ve had them all. Sometimes all together. I also have atrocious posture, and bad work habits (I’m referring […]

Easy Whatever-You-Have-in-the-Pantry Roast Vegetables

Last week, my sister-in-law invited me over to a potluck dinner and asked me to bring some salad. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drop by the grocery to get some greens. The day of the dinner, I desperately scrounged around the ref and my veggie basket and came up with a carrot, a few potatoes, […]